1st International Workshop on Computing in
Heterogeneous, Autonomous 'N' Goal-oriented Environments
Newport Beach, California, March 6, 2011

Liquid Metal, Change you can believe in

Rodric Rabbah
IBM Research

This talk posits that introspective and adaptive computing systems require comprehensive and interdisciplinary solutions that include programming models to facilitate adaptation, novel compilation methodologies to orchestrate execution, elaborate runtime systems to enable introspection and reconfiguration, and heterogeneous architectures that effectively combine the advantages of multicores, GPUs, FPGAs, and other kinds of processing accelerators. The talk draws from recent experience with the Liquid Metal project at IBM, which aims to address the difficulties programmers face in developing applications for heterogeneous computing systems. I will highlight salient programming features and properties realized in a new language called Lime, and I will demonstrate how these properties enable exploitation of heterogeneous processors on the one hand, and allow for fluid migration and adaptation on the other.

Speaker's bio
Rodric Rabbah is a member of the dynamic optimization group at IBM Research, and is a leading contributor to the Liquid Metal project. He earned his doctorate at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and spent several years at MIT as a research scientist. He has recently served on program committees for CASES, CGO, EMSOFT, LCTES, and PLDI, and has chaired several workshops on streaming systems and software and tools for multicores.

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